On June 1st, 2011, the Armenian Church Diocese of Canada organized a new youth initiative. The purpose of the gathering was to consult with the students in the community to become more acquainted with their wishes and concerns to be able to better assess their current needs. The aim of the gathering was to organize and create a new Armenian Christian Youth Movement, from the students who were present from the Universities of Concordia and McGill.
During this first meeting, the young Armenians discussed how they could create a youth group which would encourage its members to develop leadership skills by participating in interesting projects that would also be constructive in the life of the community. The participants had the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas which displayed a sincere willingness to help with new initiatives.
The meeting was closed with a prayer and the blessings of the Primate who pledged his support for this new movement. In his message Primate stressed that while youth is a time for study and leisurely pastimes it is also a time to gain knowledge and experience in all facets of life: “Youth is a time to seek opportunities to expand in knowledge and deeds to help us grow in courage and heroism.” He shared his hopes that the members of the newly formed group would bring their commitment and dedication to help build a strong foundation for the newly formed Armenian Christian Youth Movement. In closing he wished the students success and happiness in all they do.
Next gathering will be held on June 21.