Endowment Fund

The Diocese Endowment Fund was established in 2005 to secure a permanent and growing source of income for the Diocese to provide financial assistance for spiritual, cultural and national heritage programs. The principal of the Endowment Fund is invested in perpetuity. Only the income of the Endowment Fund is used to finance specific activities (as per the donor’s wishes) or the general activities of the Diocese.

The Endowment Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees that is appointed by the Diocesan Council.

We encourage our faithful to contribute towards the Endowment Fund and be participants of the future of our Church in Canada.

For further information please contact the Endowment Fund:

Diocese: 514-276-9479

Email: contact@armenianchurch.ca

Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Vasken Altounian

Vice-Chairperson: Meguerditch Kanondjian

Secretary: Arto Basmadjian

Treasurer: Allan Fenerdjian

Trustee: Azad Temisjian

Trustee: Richard Sevazlian

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