On December 12, 2016, His Grace Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Canada, sent a letter of condolences to His Grace Bishop Anba Mina, Primate of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Canada, on the occasion of the terrorist attacks in the St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Cairo, Egypt.

On behalf of the clergy, the Diocesan Council and the faithful of the Armenian Apostolic Church Canadian Diocese, His Grace Bishop Abgar expressed deep condolences to the Coptic Orthodox Church and her faithful, and wished a speedy recovery to all the wounded.

“We firmly believe that the whole international community has to raise their voices in unity for justice and peace in order to prevent further violence. In these challenging times we, the religious leaders, have to make more efforts to pave the way for Our Lord’s supreme will to yield on Earth as it is on Heaven”, stated the Armenian Primate of Canada.