E1Bright colours, laughter, and the almost-warm weather on Palm Sunday were an indication that spring- and Easter- are almost here. The laughter and playful screams of children could be heard throughout the Church. Parishioners were bustling about, hugging and catching up with friends and family, the crowd during mass was almost as big as on Easter day. The members of Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada (Seniors and Juniors) took part on Sunday Mass and were invited to Holy Altar where they received a special blessing from Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian, pastor of Holy Trinity Armenian Church. Fr. Zareh praised the youth’s dedication to their church and asked parishioners to sincerely pray for the health and well being of our youth. He spoke of the importance of the youth to have our Lord Jesus Christ only as their guide and follow His path only, which will help them to stay away from all kinds of temptations and live a meaningful life.

Father Zargarian invited all to participate in Palm Sunday Annual Luncheon, organized and hosted by the Senior ACYOC assisted by the Junior ACYOC members that took place in the Margaros Artinian Hall following service.

E2With over 200 people in attendance for this year’s meal, the Senior and Junior members of the ACYOC were busy planning months in advance of the date. Some executive members spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon preparing the tables, delivering food and making appetizers, while everybody was there to help on Sunday.

Parishioners were invited to dine on appetizers ranging from spinach boreg, olive salad, humous, babaganoush, sarma and green salad, following the mealtime prayer recited by Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian. Next, came the main course of salmon fillets served with sides of rice and mixed vegetables and finally the dessert table overflowed with lokma and clementines.

The entertainment for the afternoon consisted mainly of youth performances including vocals by Seta Derohanesian, 17, and Diran Parnakoglu, 21. A piano performance by Shahe Shaverdi, 17, and two piano/vocal performances. The first by vocalist Lynn Isnar, 19, and pianist Michael Berkovsky and the second by vocalist Nora Boghossian, 11, and her brother, pianist, Yeghia, 15.

E3The Senior ACYOC hopes to continue hosting events and fundraisers in order to raise money for their trip to Providence, Rhode Island in May 2013 for the annual ACYOA sports weekend. The committee is actively committed to gaining new members, networking with other organizations and making their presence known within the Church community and abroad.

We would like to acknowledge Miss. Taline Baltayan’s unconditional help and support especially in the past few months, as the coordinator of the youth groups of the church. We thank all who assisted us to have a successful Palm Sunday Luncheon and are looking forward to many more to come. (Press Office, HTAC)