F1On Sunday, March 24 2013 St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the Palm Sunday and Opening the Gate ceremony. These occasions are celebrated every year in the Armenian Apostolic Church all over the world, representing the triumphant and final entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem and the start of the Holy Week.

After the morning service, Divine Liturgy was offered by the Pastor accompanied by deacons Jamil Kevranian, Aris Ghasapian, sub-deacon Shiraz Kassardjian, acolytes Levon and Shant Sarkeesian, Aris Grigoryan and Setrak Kalpakian on the Altar, and the choir members lead by choirmaster Arman Hosepyan.

F2Following the Divine Liturgy, the Pastor addressed the congregation in Armenian and English languages, explaining and highlighting the meaning of our Lord’s entrance to Jerusalem, the cleansing of the temple. Der Hayr also addressed the children, Robert, Setrak, Shoushanig, Natalie, Andre, Steven, Alyssa, Tanya and Roubina who were gathered, and blessed and explained how our Lord loves children and how they should be as Christian children at home, at the school and in the Church.

F3Also, on Holy Tuesday, March 26 at 7:00 pm the Ten Virgins service took place led by the Pastor. Archpriest, Rev. Fr. Keghart Garabedian was accompanied by Deacon Jamil Kevranian and choirmaster Arman Hosepyan.  Shoushanig, Seza, Lori, Natalie, Nina, Rosie and Nicol, Nayiri, Zarouhi and Maryam Garabedian with their parents and friends. Rev. Keghart explained the meaning of their participation and lighting the candles.