The Annual Parish Assembly took place on Monday, March 26, at 7.30pm at the Holy Cross Armenian Church of Laval. The Assembly was presided by the Primate  of  Canada His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian. 35 church members were attended the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting was Mr. Krikor Tatoulian and the secretaries were Mrs. Armig Demirdjian and Seta Babikian. The Annual reports of the Pastor, Parish Council, Women Guild, Golden Age Committee, Choir, Sunday School were presented during the meeting.

The Pastor of the Church Rev. Father Komitas Mirzakhanian expressed his appreciations to Parish Council, Women Guild and all other Auxiliary Committees service, work and dedication and whished them success in all their endeavors.

The Chairman of the Parish Council Mr. Albert Yeghikyan gave a detailed report on the construction of the new church project. This was followed by the elections of the new Parish Council members, Diocisan Deligates, Nominating and Auditing   commitees.  The following members were  elected for the new Parish Council board for the year of 2012-2013; Georgik Shahbazian, Alen Navasardian and Kevork Tchakmakdjian, Delegates – Hilda Turshujian and Raffi Zaynalian, Audit Committee  – Raffi Simci, Gazer Yapar and Vachik Stepanyan, Nominating Committee – Vahe Demirdjian, Najda Moughalian and Onik Met.

His Eminence closed the assembly with words of encouragement to the Parish Priest, Divan, Parish Council and Auxiliary committees and entire parish. The upcoming year promises to be one of great challenges that the parish priest and council undoubtedly will strive to meet with the support of their faithful parishioners. The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 10:30pm.

Following the meeting, most attendees lingered around and continued the discussions of the day to strengthen the community of The Holy Cross Church.


On Friday, April 13rd, 2012 the newly-elected Parish Council had its first meeting presided by Parish Pastor Rev. Fr. Komitas Mirzakhanyan. Fr. Komitas joyfully announced he had received the approval of the new elections result from the Primate. At the beginning of the meeting the members have elected the new Board for the period of 2012-2013 as follow:


Rev. Fr. Komitas Mirzakhanyan, Pastor & President

Albert Yeghikian, Chairman

Vazgen Manoukian, Vice Chair

Raffi Zeinalyan, Treasurer

Georgik Shahbazian, Vice-Treasurer

Lucie Babikian, Secretary

Alen Navasardian, Vice-Secretary

Kevork Tchakmakdjian, Advisor


On Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 during the Divine Liturgy Rev. Fr. Komitas Mirzakhanyan introduced the newly elected Parish Council members to the faithful and also did special blessing prayer for them.