St. Vartan Armenian Church of Mississauga celebrated the the Holy Week and Easter Divine Liturgies at St. Cuthbert’s Anglican church in Oakville, where the faithful people participated the Washing of the feet ceremony and the Burial service on Friday, April 6, and Easter Eve and Glorious Easter Divine liturgies on April 7 and 8, 2012. It was encouraging the participation of numerous faithful people as well as the new altar servers of young boys and new members of the Church choir.

During the sermons Rev. Fr. Myron Sarkissian explained the lessons that we learn during the Holy week, and concluded on Sunday with the Love message that we receive through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The first message was to trust more God than ourselves, and obey God’s commandments, the second message was that Jesus Christ worked for us till end of His days, and we should serve our God and Church always, no matter what pressures we have. The third message was that God promised and showed himself to His believers, and everyone who seeks, will find. After the Easter Divine Liturgy Der Myron blessed the new Parish Council members and wished them a successful year.