On Sunday, April 1, 2012, the Palm Sunday has been pompously celebrated in the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral of Montreal. The Holy Mass offered by Rev. Fr. Vazgen Boyajyan, Pastor, surrounded by the deacons and the young acolytes, who were serving  for the Holy Altar in the meantime.
The singing was performed by the “Armenian Children’s Choir of Montreal”, to whom also brought their participation the senior members of “Komitas” choir of the church, conducted by deacon Varoujan Margaryan, accompanied by the organist Mrs. Houry Bedrossian.
Once again, to be worthwhile to remember the Children’s Choir, whose angelic voices from each of a single child was truly inspired by all the church participants. We congratulate especially our respectful parents, who precisely brought their children to the choir rehearsals. They deserve appreciation from all of us, in doing so they are playing an important role for the Armenian cultural heritage, by preparing our youngsters for the prosperity of our Church future.
The Holy Mass was performed under his auspices of His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan. At the end of the service, he transmits his massage through his sermon of the day. First of all, His Eminence directed his message to the Children, as of known Palm Sunday “the Children’s Blessing day”.
At the end, all the children came by singing to the court of the church to receive their blessings from Bishop Galstanyan.
Afterwards, the door opening ceremony took place, again under the auspices of Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan. The parishioners full of heart satisfaction, and renewed with the blessing of the day, left into their homes, having a small branch of palm in their hands.

This year, Sunday, April 1st marked Palm Sunday, and everyone who attended mass at the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church got a taste of all the action for the day. The Church was filled with people wearing bright spring-time colours, and it certainly wasn’t lacking in children, especially the Sunday School’s students excited to be holding their beautifully decorated Palm Sunday candles, handmade signs and drawings to go with the theme of the day.
Palm Sunday marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem approximately 2000 years ago where he was greeted by people who adorned him with palm leaves and spread out their clothing on the ground as he entered the city whilst riding a donkey. Since incorporating a donkey might prove to be a bit complicated, Churches usually just stick to passing out palm leaves (or leaves that can act as an equivalent) to their congregations.
Holy Trinity’s youth have always been an integral part of the Church community, (especially during festivities) and this occasion was no exception. The ACYOC played an important role in ensuring that the big event scheduled for after mass- the Palm Sunday luncheon- was planned perfectly for all parishioners. Members of the ACYOC arrived early on Sunday morning to continue their work from the day before in preparing food and setting tables for the luncheon. The dedicated members (from both the Junior and Senior ACYOC’s) took a break from their work mid-mass to walk up to the altar and be blessed by Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian who was joined by Rev. Fr. Datev Menengichian, the Deacons, Sub-Deacons, Acolytes and the church choir for the festive occasion.
Following the mass, faithful parishioners made their way to the “Margaros Artinian” Hall where they dined on appetizers ranging from sarma to hummus, babaganoush, and beurek while they waited for the main course of salmon fillets to arrive (lovingly prepared by Sibil Kurkjian), served with a side of rice and steamed vegetables. If this sounds mouth-watering and delicious, that’s because it was!
After the meal, everyone shared laughs as some of the youth put on an improvised talent show for the guests. Although many youth participated, some of the most memorable acts were put on by the most musically talented of the ACYOC members. Sr. ACYOC President, Diran Parnakoglu, charmed the audience with his rich and lively singing voice, while shy Junior member, Seta Derohanessian, stole the spotlight with her powerful and lovely rendition of Adele’s “Someone like you”. Senior member Aroutin Avanessian started a new tradition of beat boxing which got everyone fired up and moving along to his energized vocal percussion.
The food was delicious, the entertainment was golden, and the event was a success. Palm Sunday luncheons will never be the same! (By: Tamar Atik, Vice- Secretary of the Senior ACYOC)

One week before the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Armenian Church celebrates the Feast of Palm Sunday, celebrating the Triumphant Entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
On Sunday April 1, 2012, Rev. Fr. Myron Sarkissian celebrated the Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy at St. Vartan parish of Mississauga, alongside with 12 altar servers (deacons and acolytes). During his sermon Der Myron called the parents to stop worrying on the worldly thinks only, but most to worry for the salvation of our children’s souls. He quoted the from the famous singer Pink Floyd songs and said “ today we are changing those words, and say “Hey, parents, leave the kids alone. They belong to God”.
Following the sermon, more than 20 children walked the traditional Palm Sunday procession and took part at the Children’s blessing ceremony.
Following the Divine Liturgy, the parishioners enjoyed Mississauga St. Vartan “Armenian Caffee” organized by the Junior ACYOC members and Sunday school children. They were serving and selling traditional Armenian cookies and souvenirs. During the “Armenian Caffee” gathering, there were special  slide show and video presentations about camps in North America, Camp  St. Vartan (Day Camp, Mississauga), Camp Ararat (Diocesan one week camp at Kingston), CYMA (Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia), also  Camp Noubar (USA) presented by Dan Antreasyan form New York.
It was an inspirational and blessed Palm Sunday for all parishioners.


On Sunday, April 1, 2012, the faithful of St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the beginning of Holy Week with Palm Sunday. Families with children were gathered to take part in the Divine Liturgy, offered by the Rev. Fr. Serop Azarian. Deacons serving the altar were Dcn. Harout Zakarian, Dcn. Hrant Paroyan and Dcn. Hrayr Paroyan.
In his sermon, Fr. Serop outlined the connection of man to God, and the pride of the former to the humility of the later. He asked the faithful to look upon Christ’s example and fortify their lives with his presence and example. The parents and the children were encouraged by Der Hayr to register in the new Sunday School of the Church. There were 8 children initially registered to begin the classes very soon. The teachers are Mrs. Debbie Zakarian, Mrs. Debbie Amato, and Mrs. Nevart Alexenko as assistant to teachers.
Following the Eucharist, Der Hayr and the deacons celebrated the opening of the portals, a unique event to the Armenian Orthodox Church. The melismatic and sad hymns sung were raised to the heavens in order that the “doors of the Kingdom” might be opened to all those that have taken upon themselves the load of the cross in order to follow the Lord. Following the ceremony, palms were blessed and distributed to all those present

On Palm Sunday, April 01 2012 St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church of BC celebrated the Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy and Opening the Gate` Trnpatsek Service.
Arch-priest, Rev. Fr. Keghart Garabedian accompanied with the deacons, Jamil Kevranian, Aris Ghasabian and sub-deacon Shiraz Kassardjian on the Alter and the choir members headed by choirmaster Arman Hosepyan.
Before the Opening the Gate ceremony Father Keghart delivered the message titeled ““… when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”” (Luke 18.8).
After the Church Service, the Ladies Guild offered lunch at Setrak Kalpakian Hall .
On Holy Tuesday, April 03 2012, at 7:00 pm Father Keghart, choirmaster Arman Hosepyan and deacon Jamil Kevranian performed the Evening Church Service in commemorating the “The 10 Virgins” occasion.”