In a letter sent to His Excellency Philippe Zeller, Ambassador of France in Canada,   His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, Primate of the Armenian Church of Canada, conveyed his expressions of appreciation and solemn gratitude, following the unprecedented decision of French National Assembly taken on December 22, 2011.

Primate Galstanian wrote: “We are truly proud to witness the valor of the National Assembly of France to reaffirm its position as a champion of international human rights.  Human rights are a birthright to every human being, and a foundation to build upon for international peace and progress. The National Assembly of France has endorsed the principle of truth. We are confident that by taking this decision, France has demonstrated its inherent and leading voice in the forefront of the international community.”

The Lower House of the Parliament of France approved a bill, making it a crime to deny the Armenian Genocide.  The new law would punish denial of any Genocide, recognized by French law. This action follows the French Parliament vote in 2001 to recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915.