Ani class of St. Sahag St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School was full of enthusiasm and anticipation on November 19, 2011. The classroom was decorated with Armenian Letters as well as Mesrop Mashtots’s picture. The Principal of the school Mr. Yetvart Balian and the Vice Principal, Ms. Ashkhen Malkhasian attended the event.

The parents were excited to see their children dressed up in white shirts with Armenian letters attached to the shirts and bells in their hands.

The students prepared “Handes” dedicated to Armenian Alphabet with their teachers Ms. Marieta Gasparian and Armine Zilfugharyan. This event has become a tradition for this class over years.  They finished studying Armenian Alphabet, their first Armenian book, and now are able to read and write in Armenian.

The teacher Ms. Marieta Gasparian presented an inclusive speech on the meaning and the purpose of this event. Looking back at Armenian history, the teacher indicated that Armenia did not have its own writing system and was divided between two powerful empires, namely the Roman Empire and Persia in the year of 387. The country was on the edge of losing its state system, the language and the religion, and the creation of Armenian Alphabet became vital under these circumstances. This fact was well realised by Sahak Partev, Mesrop Mashtots as well as king Vramshapooh.

After years of hard work, in the year of 405, Mesrop Mashtots returned from Yedesia bringing Armenian Alphabet ready for use. Immediately after this the Bible was translated into Armenian, the history of the country was presented in Armenian. In addition, many schools were opened in different parts of the country to teach people to read and write in Armenian.

The invention of Armenian writing system rescued the nation from extinction and Armenians express their gratitude to Sahak Partev, Mesrop Mashtots and all others on the Culture Day celebrated every year in October.

Grade 2 students of Ani class also expressed their thankfulness by preparing this event. They presented poems about Mashtots and the Armenian Language. At the end of the event, each student promised to keep our language and pass it to the coming generations.

Both the students and the parents were full of enthusiasm and excitement. At the end, the principal addressed the students and the parents in his speech and distributed Certificates to Grade 2 Ani students.