“Bridge of Hope” is a non-Governmental organization, established in Armenia in 1996 to help children and youth with disabilities and their parents to overcome their isolation and to help them participate in community life on an equal basis with others. While “Bridge of Hope” has long been a mainstreaming placement for children and youth with disabilities, today the focus is on inclusion. This means not only allowing children with disabilities to be in close proximity to their typically developing peers, but also maximizing their full participation in the program. The programs are directed to create equal opportunities and improve the conditions for children with disabilities so that they can achieve their own goals free from physical and attitudinal barriers.
The president of “Bridge of Hope” Mrs. Sussana Tadevosyan visited H. E. Bishop Bagrat Galstanian and discussed several new ideas helping Armenian children and youth with disabilities through the organization.  She also visited Armenian institutions and organizations in Montreal and Laval and  gave lectures. Mrs. Tadevosyan was invited to Canada to participate the 55th Annual conference of the comparative & international Education Society (CIES), hosted by the Faculty of Education at McGill University of Montreal. On 5th of May Mrs. Tadevosyan  presented at the conference “Experience  of Inclusive Education in Armenia”.

His Eminence blessed the mission of the “Bridge of Hope” and with the cooperation of CFFA (Children’s Fund for Armenia) the Diocese will take new steps helping and caring more children in Armenia through the organization to protect the rights and the dignity of children and youth with disabilities and their families and to support their social inclusion in the Republic of Armenia.